Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break


The pollen count is high, the sun is out (for the most part), and it’s getting warmer each day... it’s official - Spring is in our midst! We are more than midway through the semester, Spring Break is next week, and the end of the Spring semester seems to be getting closer a lot faster than last semester. Whether this is a good thing or not, I do not know. For the time being, however, I suggest we bask in the greatness that is Frostburg weather and patiently await the upcoming Spring Break!
Top Ten Things To Do/Not To Do This Spring Break gives great examples of things to do/look forward to do during your Spring Break, as well as things to avoid. Or, if you’re a geek and would rather not do the things on the first list, I suggest this list of Top Five Things to do on Spring Break.
Also, if you’re low on money (like myself), there are some cheap things you can do as well while on Spring Break - as shown in 10 Cheap Things To Do Over Spring Break. My favorite from that list would have to be number 4.
Finish reading that book you started but never got around to finishing during school. Finish that art project that you weren’t able to find time to do. Finish watching that series that you started but got too busy to watch every week. Instead of taking this time to try completing a new project in a week, take this time to get older things done. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the task of completing everything! Choose one or two things you’d like to complete and get to work.
Spring Break!
We set things aside for classes, exams, and college life... why not pick up everything you started but never finished? It seems like Spring Break is a great time to finish, especially if you want to relax.
I hope that these links have helped those of you who were clueless about what you were going to do this Spring Break. I, for one, know that I’m going to start reading the Hunger Games - due to the recommendation of a friend.

Have a great Spring Break! : )

Monday, March 12, 2012


A special thank you to all of those who have read my blog within this Academic year! I truly appreciate it and hope that my blog is helping in any way possible! : )