Thursday, February 23, 2012

College/Social Life

There is one question that has been bugging me for awhile now:  is it possible to be in college and have a thriving social life? Some would say yes, actually - a lot would say yes, but as of right now I’m starting to believe otherwise. Classes don’t take up a lot of my time but homework and studying do. This may just be the teenager in me speaking out, but even as students we should have free time to spend with friends (aside from the weekends). So now, I must ask another question: how do we fit in that free time?
A lot of people have told me to invest in a planner. I know that planners work for some people, but never in my life have they actually worked for me. The only way that I would be able to use a planner is if it was the size of a five-subject notebook and made a loud buzz to remind me to check it. Maybe it would be smart to invest in an electronic planner or something similar. Planners are a good investment, if you can actually remember to constantly check them and write everything down.
5 Easy Ways to Balance School and Life in College is a helpful link that I have found. I like the idea of color coding a schedule - it seems like it could be extremely useful. The same with having a ‘master list’ that I could hold on to. It would be a good idea to type everything in a word document, create a checklist, and check each off as I pass the event. Saying no when people ask me to do things, and I don’t have the time, is a big problem that I have. I need to practice the art of telling others no when I do not have any time.
Finding the Balance in College is a blog that also appears to be useful. I especially like the last helpful hint the blog gives: study in a public place. I’ve never studied outside of my dorm - which is not a good thing. The dorms, especially freshman dorms, are noisy and extremely hard to focus in.
I hope that these links and tips have helped some of you out there. I’m definitely going to try and adjust myself better, in hopes of having more time to spend off campus.

“You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year.”
- Henry Ford

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